Middle Intervale Farm
Seven Generations of Family Farming in Bethel, ME Middle Intervale Farm was first settled in the 1790’s by the Carter family.  In its seventh generation, it is currently owned by John Carter.  John is a dairy farmer with approximately 350 acres used for rotational grazing, and growing hay and corn silage to feed his dairy herd of approximately 270 Holsteins and additional 20 Black Angus cattle.  Through the AGRI-MARK cooperative, milk from the farm is used in New England-based products marketed by Cabot Creamery and Hood.  In addition, John sets aside about 12 acres a year for SWEET CORN!, winter squash and pumpkins.
More than your neighborhood dairy farm.
We offer OUR OWN
 Naturally Raised Pork
&  Black Angus Beef
(Veal & Lamb on occasion.)
No Hormones * No Antibiotics
Check out our offerings in the freezer in the Farm Stand, or, find us at
an area Farmers Market.
For more information about our Farm and Farm Stand,
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